Wilderness Town Travel Information

Wilderness Town Travel Information

Wilderness Town Travel Information

Wilderness Town Travel Information : The town of Wilderness is along the Garden Route in South Africa between Mossel Bay and Storms River, the Garden Route runs parallel to a coastline which features lakes, mountains, golden beaches, cliffs and dense indigenous forests.

The Garden Route is slept and grown with a heavy focus on boating, and many of the towns attractions are directly or indirectly related to this. Take the boat out on one of the many access points to have a prime view of the wildlife in the wild.

The climate is the key to most of the towns attractions. It is extremely hot in summer, and extremely cold in winter. Some of the winter months can see temperatures down to below minus 20 degrees.

Summer is a rush hour through the Summer months, so children find it ideal for a change.

The euros are around $30 whereas the dollars are around $18. Wilderness Town Travel Information

iscover the Schood Tourism (town)

The town itself is chock full of attractions, one of the most exciting of which is the Pie Waar Farms. They offer an opportunity to explore the countryside on your own, without having to hire a guide. Visitors can stay for a number of days in beautiful countryside lodges. Waar Farm is situated in the heart of the Kaaimansberg mountains and offers visitors magnificent views of the mountains, as well as the hundreds of species of birds that report for the bird watching.

There is also the chance to undertake trails on your own, with guides who can organise the autumn walks. The Donkey Sanctuary provides a home for stray donkeys, and there are also guided tours through the nearby Kruger Park.

Accommodation during your stay is in plenty in the town of Wilderness. You can also park your own camper van in one of the camping sites. If you prefer to visit the area with your car, you can park your own vehicle at any of the camping sites.

The Kaaimansberg National Park is undoubtedly a safari destination itself, especially for aficionados of wildlife and nature. It is probably the most varied national park in the world with an almost melting climate. Around 2 million hectares abuts this wilderness, which is home to everything from mongoose and elephant to golden lions and rhinos.

The amount of different varieties of wildlife you can see is quite limited. However, if you could possibly manage to see one of the geological Lions, there is a chance you may see one. The park is quite dense in greens and, as mentioned, there is limited habitat so expect to stay on the road for your safety!

It is difficult to provide a full overview of the park’s wonders without bipping. However, a few great activities are definitely worth trying.

– Try a bike ride around the area

– Visit the horse ranch of Kaaimansberg

– Visit the pie and cake shop

– Try a walking safari

There are a few restaurants, powered and unpowered alike, in the park. These are likely to be some of the best experiences you will have during your stay in the park. Be sure to bring your camera to one of the park’s welcoming restaurants.

If you’re not into guides or sightseeing, you can explore on your own. Be aware that carnivorous animals are known to frequent these parks and you should respect them.

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