The Best Beach in Phuket

ffa Hin – The Best Beach in Phuket

The Best Beach in Phuket : Phuket is a paradise for travelers, with its breathtaking natural beauty, impressive beaches and rich cultural heritage. Tourists can spend a great deal of time here, which often translates to a hectic holiday. Located 15 kilometers off the south coast of Phuket is the beautiful fishing village offfa Hin.

ffa Hin is well known for its serene and breathtaking natural beauty. The beautiful white-sand beach stretches for about 4 kilometers and is quite famous for its unique and exquisitePhuket villas. The predominately seafood based cuisine of the area also makes it a haven for the discerning traveller.

ffa Hin’s history is steeped in rich tradition and history. Much of the city’s original Thai vitalized within the Thai Royal Family of the time. In fact, Phuket was formerly the capital of Siam, a vassal state of the Thai Empire. The Siam mainland included the islands of Mu Koh Phi Phi, Phi Phi Nang, Koh Phi Phi, and Raiatea. Mu Koh Phi Phi and the Koh Phi Phi Nang are no longer with us, as well as much of the developed infrastructure. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed, and the cities are slowly being built upon.

ffa Hin’s administrative capital was Tan International Airport. Before it was demolished and replaced with the Phuket International Airport, a Canadian firm acquired the airport. The airport has an domestic as well as an international terminal.

The only facilities available for miles are a marine park, a resort, and a hospital. The resort offers 63 rooms for the upper class of hotel goers, along with a gym and spa. The rooms cost a flat rate of about $120 and suite guests up to $500. The hospital is still in a relatively primitive condition; it is situated in a plastic-built building connected to a rudimentary medical facility. It is also home to clinics and a pool.

In November of 1997, the world famous Thun milk powder was introduced to the Thai food. The government of Thailand has finally agreed to let foreign retailers sell a pasteurised milk product (buttermilk) in Bangkok. It is believed that this will set a trend for other Asian countries to follow. The Best Beach in Phuket

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10 Exotic Vacation spots

People love vacationing and travel to exotic destinations. There are many such places around the world. Here is the list of 10 hotels that are really nice to visit.

1.Bali is the top pick among tourists who travel to Asian countries. The island located in Indonesia is beautiful and has many exotic beaches. The climate is warm and the visitors get round the year.

2.Mauritius has hard beaches and corals. The island has become very luxurious as the hotels there offer grand hotels with all the luxury and make visitors feel as if they are at home. The Best Beach in Phuket

3.The Lucia Inlet of South Pacific Islands has some hotels and resorts to serve the tourists. Old world facilities allow the stay and enjoy this place.

4.Hawaii has six islands and if you get away from the Big Island, you can visit them and enjoy the grandeur. But if you come from Hawaii and want to visit, then go on a Hawaiian cruise and enjoy the grandeur of it.

5.Punta Mita in Mexico has lovely beaches for the vacationers. Nice hotels and resorts are available along with great restaurants and lovely Mexico. The worth for the money will depends on the lengths of stay and the activities you do.

6.Bora Bora in French Polynesia has nice hotels and resorts for the vacationers. Beautiful luxury accommodations make this place a favorite for the tourists.

7.Seychelles is a favorable destination for the beach lovers. Vacationers can enjoy the sun and the beach in Seychelles. They have nice hotels and resorts for the tourists.

8.Mombasa in Kenya has nice beaches and good hotels. The hotel rooms are good and so are the food facilities.

9.Leeward Islands in the Maldives are majestic islands. The tourists can go to a lot of places like the aquatic life centres, according to the tourists’ taste. nice hotels and resorts are there too.

10.Valley of Palms in Costa Rica is the place to be. The hotels and resorts are very expensive and may not be suitable for the budget travelers. But the tourists can enjoy themselves with the breathtaking view. All the facilities like the swimming pool, gym and spa are nice.

Well, my friend, if you had known all the above, then you must be planning for a trip now. To any one who has not yet visited these places, you are too narrow minded to visit them.

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